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Price List

Standard Traditional


Standard size cupcakes

- Our traditional collection

Holidays, Birthdays, Showers, Seahawks

$28.00 per dozen


THEME - Wedding/Large Events

Wedding Cupcakes - Large Events

includes your color of liners and decorations, and tasting

$33.00 per Dozen

Your Wedding...Lets talk...We can decide on flavors, decorations, colors and liners. You can decide on the kinds of cupcakes you'd like and schedule for a tasting

There is a $50.00 deposit to hold your special day that applies toward your total

I deliver in the area 

Our cupcakes in a flute plastic glass, filled with candies, etc - $40.00 per dozen

Add filling to cupcakes per dozen - $2.00


Chocolate - Vanilla - Lemon - Raspberry - Strawberry - Peanut Butter   - Coffee Mocha - Cinnamon - Caramel - Snickers - 

Buttercream - Cream Cheese - Chocolate - Vanilla - Marshmallow


All colors & kinds of Sprinkles, pearl beads, glitter, shaved chocolate, chocolate candies, nuts, drizzles & more.

No fondant

Call to ORDER Cupcakes

Diane (253) 223-5626

Email - [email protected] - (can private message me)

Chocolate moist cupcake with creamy Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

Baby shower arrangement

10 inch round chocolate or vanilla for pictures and cutting